Mission Statement:

Develop the whole child in character, faith, physical fitness, and confidence in a non-disruptive environment toward life-long learning.

Core Values:

04Kids in Motion Academy has a biblical world view. We believe children are made in the image of God and deserve unconditional respect, courtesy, kindness, and individual attention regardless of ethnic origin or personal differences.

Kids in Motion Academy staff is committed to being role models for students both in school and in their personal lives. Our staff commits to demonstrating love, respect, and integrity in all interactions.

Kids in Motion Academy is committed to expressing genuine communication and honesty at every opportunity but not at the expense of disrespect toward others. This value is applied to all relationships both among staff, students, and families.

Our culture exhibits:

  1. Unequivocal excellence
  2. Relationships and connections
  3. Collaboration and synergy
  4. Christ-like character, faith, and confidence
  5. Tenacious thinking
  6. Authenticity
  7. Intentional actions

Kids In Motion is an equal opportunity facility that does not discriminate against age, race, gender, or social economic background.

Philosophy of Education:

05Fostering understanding that God creates students in the image of God.

Respecting all students regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomics and special needs

Providing a progressive structured environment which reduces student frustration and encourages participation

Communicating expectations to students through visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities

Inspiring children’s imagination through a creative, fun, and inviting learning environment where perpetual motion and play are integral elements

Ensuring a non-disruptive, developmental learning environment

Providing a safe and healthy environment to foster continual spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development

Providing continued opportunity for challenge and success so that children expect success in their daily performance

Recognizing and rewarding children who make sound behavioral decisions

Encouraging “I can” words and positive thinking

Facilitating open communication, empathy and compassion, building trust among students, staff and families

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